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Business Services:

Accounting, Bookkeeping, & Payroll Services

Expert and efficient bookkeeping and accounting services to save you time and keep your business running smoothly through every financial season

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Small Business Owners: Take This Off Your Plate

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. You have to be the operations, logistics, marketing, sales, and finance manager all at once. However, most small business owners are not experts in all of these roles. When you spread yourself thin, things inevitably fall through.

Your money and your finances are one aspect that we believe cannot afford to fall through.

We breathe deadlines. We breathe compliance. With Enesi CPA Firm, you'll receive top-notch communication, accuracy, and transparency.


By hiring a professional team of bookkeepers and accountants, you can take off at least one of your hats (maybe even more!). You can relax knowing your books are handled on time, every month, no matter what. No more laying awake at night wondering if your money was tracked properly or whether payroll was done correctly. 


We got you.

Your Books Done On Time, Every Time, All Year Long

Whether it be regular payroll, monthly and yearly reporting, or the throes tax season, your books have deadlines that need to be met.

But with everything you have to manage in the day-to-day, it's easy to forget important deadlines or shrug it off a little longer thinking that a few days past the deadline won't hurt. After all, getting behind a few days is common and happens to the best of us.

Unfortunately, going a few days past a deadline can do a lot of unforeseen damage. It adds to your stress to catch up on a bigger workload later, creates confusion when you lose important paperwork, skews your numbers even more, and leaves money on the table when you miss a significant tax deduction. Not to mention the trickle effect on your team members if your books aren't current when they need to be.

When you partner with us, you'll get a team that understands your deadlines and eliminates the risk of such damage. Your books will stay clean and clear through every financial season. Your items will be properly classified and ready for your analysis - at all times.

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How It Works

Our easy process to getting you seamless, streamlined books.

Get In Touch

Reach out to us so that we can understand your needs and see how we can best help your business.

We Work On Your Books

We get to work on your books, setting you up and organizing everything as needed.

Enjoy Stress-Free Accounting

You can relax knowing your books are safe with us, updated, clear, and concise at all times.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Pricing*

Standard rates so that you can know what to expect before reaching out to us.

Initial Consultation
On the Phone


Each of our clients starts with an initial consultation so that we can have a basic understanding of your specific accounting situation


Includes our initial questionnaire and consultation up to one hour

Business Consultation
Hourly Rate


Hourly rate for a la carte services with Sandra Enesi.

Monthly Bookkeeping Subscription
as low as:


An all-encompassing monthly bookkeeping service that's perfect for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with a max of two employees.

Includes taxes, tax prep, loan application, accounting, financial planning, face-to-face meetings, questions about moves being made, bookkeeping, and payroll!

*The prices shown above are basic starting points for our business and individual tax services. Your cost may differ depending on information as discussed during your initial consultation, the stage of your business, your responsiveness to requests for information, your commitment to our processes, and overall total time invested in your business.

Got questions?

What Our Clients Say

Here's what clients have been saying about us since 2006. Their words of encouragement keep us motivated and never fail to excite us for the next client we get to work with.

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Sandra is SUCH a wonderful CPA. She is highly professional and takes her clients seriously and will go the extra mile make sure all needs are met. Very prompt, kind, and understanding. Would definitely recommend!

- Beautifulll 100

Smiling Woman with Glasses
Sandra is a joy to work with . She is very professional and knowledgeable . She will be taking care of my family's tax needs from now on !!!! I will definitely be referring others to her !!

- Debra Clayton

sam wackerhagen enesi quote.png
Sandra is amazing! She is great to work with. Makes everything super easy and convenient. Most definitely recommend using her as your CPA.

- Sam Wackerhagen

Ready to have your accounting services taken off your plate?

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