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Tax Preparation & Reporting:

Individual & Business Tax Services

Professional tax services to optimize your financial situation

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Individual Tax Preparation

Tax season comes around every year, and it never gets easier for most. In fact, sometimes, it becomes even more complicated.

No one wants to be in a complicated tax situation, but as our lives change it's inevitable that our financial situations do too. And when there's a big change in your financial situation, all kinds of unexpected effects can happen.

Our goal is to help you manage these changes come tax season. When you partner with us, you'll have a complete understanding of your tax situation and the best plan of action to make sure you pay the least amount of taxes as possible.

Our knowledgeable CPAs stay up-to-date on the latest tax laws and regulations so that you get the most out of each tax season.

So if you have a complex tax situation that you're unsure how to navigate, or if you know your situation requires more robust attention from a CPA, then give us a call.

Business Tax Preparation

For most small business owners, tax preparation would be very high on the list of things they would rather deal with at a later date (if at all). This typically means tax prep is easy to avoid and get behind on.

Then the filing deadline comes up, and you're scrambling to figure out what exactly you need to file, how to become compliant, and how to straighten the numbers out... all before anything can actually be filed.

Not to mention as a business owner, you have your personal tax return to worry about as well!

Eliminate the pressure and stress of tax season by partnering with a tax professional. We take the time to dive into your books and operations so that we can really know you and your business, and come up with a solution that leaves you feeling confident and relieved.


How It Works

Our easy process to preparing your taxes.

Get In Touch

Reach out to us so that we can understand your needs and see how we can best help you or your business

We Work On Your Taxes

We'll get all the right documents from you, then we get to work on filing your taxes

Enjoy A Stress-Free Tax Season

Relax knowing your taxes are optimized and filed correctly, leaving you in the best situation possible!

Tax Preparation Pricing*

Standard rates so that you can know what to expect before reaching out to us.

On the Phone
Initial Consultation


Each of our clients starts with an initial consultation so that we can have a basic understanding of your specific tax situation.


Includes our initial questionnaire and consultation up to one hour.

Individual Tax Return
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Includes gathering documents, processing and filing your return, and sending you a copy of the return.

We'll provide you with a tax organizer and gather all of your supporting documentation (such as W-2’s, 1099’s, mortgage interest statements, copies of social security numbers, copies of driver’s licenses, etc.).

Business Tax Return

Tax Prep & Filing - $600

Includes gathering documents, processing and filing your return, and providing a digital copy of the finalized return.

Write-Up - $155 per hr

The write-up is our process of organizing and analyzing your tax situation. It gives a complete overview of where you stand and what we need to do.


It includes things like data entry, reconciling business bank accounts, reconciling business credit card accounts, and summarizing documentation.

Account Review - $295

Our account review service is a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your financial accounts, systems, and statements.

It includes things like analysis of assets and liabilities, production of financial statements for the year, and analysis of your income and expenses.

*The prices shown above are basic starting points for our business and individual tax services. Your cost may differ depending on information as discussed during your initial consultation, the stage of your business, your responsiveness to requests for information, your commitment to our processes, and overall total time invested in your business.

Got questions?

What Our Clients Say

Here's what clients have been saying about us since 2006. Their words of encouragement keep us motivated and never fail to excite us for the next client we get to work with.

Portrait of Middle Aged Woman
Sandra was very knowledgeable and helpful. I will use her for all of my personal and business financial needs in the future.

- Shiesha Bell

sam wackerhagen enesi quote.png
Sandra is amazing! She is great to work with. Makes everything super easy and convenient. Most definitely recommend using her as your CPA.

- Sam Wackerhagen

Smiling Mature Man
If you ever need a Professional CPA please don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Mrs Enesi. My experience with her has always been great. Thank you very much!

- William Strayhorn

Sit back, relax, and have your taxes filed by a team of professionals that takes the time to understand you

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